Housing & Landlord Liaison Program

The Housing & Landlord Liaison program provides housing support services to low-income residents of Lennox & Addington County (aged 16+) that are needing to locate and secure housing including maintaining a registry of available rental accommodations in Lennox & Addington County free of charge.

The Housing & Landlord Liaison meets with eligible clients to assess their housing needs and develops an individualized housing plan tailored to those needs. The Housing & Landlord Liaison will assist with the housing search process (including providing listings, contacting landlords, viewings, and negotiations) and can help with completing various housing applications (including applications to subsidized housing programs) as well as assistance applying for various forms of financial support. The Housing & Landlord Liaison will also provide housing counselling, education and information (including budgeting, life and housing retention skills, and information on the Residential Tenancies Act) to ensure that housing can be maintained. Once housing is secured, stabilization and support services are provided (including mediation support between tenants and landlords) and the Housing & Landlord Liaison can refer clients to other community resources that may be needed. Services are provided at our Napanee office location or virtually.

Unique to the Housing & Landlord Liaison program is the local (Lennox & Addington County) landlord registry that contains available rental units for clients to access. Landlords are able to list their available rental units for free in the registry which is accessed regularly by clients of the Housing & Landlord Liaison program. 

Who is eligible for the Housing & Landlord Liaison Program?

In order to qualify for the Housing & Landlord Liaison program clients must be a voluntary participant of the program and meet the low-income cut off (LICO). Clients may also:

  • Be facing or experiencing homelessness
  • Have a mental illness or substance use concern
  • Be a victim of domestic violence
  • Have a disability or communication barrier
  • Lack community support and/or knowledge of local resources
  • Have limited social supports (family, friends, etc.)

Contact the Housing & Landlord Liaison


Phone: 613-354-0425 ext. 648

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